Testimonials from former Clients

Get Recruited Consulting was created to help young men like Austin Ahrendt (read below) achieve their dreams of playing college football. Austin is a 6'3, 205 lbs wide receiver who ran a 4.54 in the 40 yrd dash – and yet was "missed" by college recruiters. Finally in December of his senior year Austin contacted Get Recruited for help. We immediately reached out to our contacts and were able to get 4 really exciting options for Austin. Our only regret is that we didn't have more time to get him even more options – who knows what we could have done.

You are not a number when working with Get Recruited. We work directly with our college contacts to assure each of our clients finds the best fit for their interests and needs.

Andrew Cohen with Get Recruited truly helped my son and myself understand the football recruitment process. Mr. Cohen,is someone who has a wealth of experience in this area, he was able to provide us with the guidance we needed to navigate this process taking much of the stress out of the experience.  In addition, Mr. Cohen was able to accomodate our needs to meet his fee for service, allowing some flexibility with payment, and for that I am truly greatful!  If it was not for Mr. Cohen and his communications/marketing techniques with various schools and coaches I don't think my son would have been as visible. Ultimately myself, my son and the college are mutually pleased  with college choice and we can give Mr. Cohen "thanks" for that.

Kimberly Whatts
Mother of Delano Munoz Whatts

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a mother’s perspective through the recruiting process. First let me say, what I actually know about football you could put in a thimble! As far as I knew D1, D2 & D3 were section numbers in the stadium. I root for our children and those of our friends and I am a loud and loyal fan for our boys’ team. Ask me “what just happened” and I am likely to respond “Go Pete! Go Mike”!

As our eldest son started the college process last year and indicated his desire to keep football a part of his college life, my first question was can he play at a college level—big burly men with beards vs. my son, my baby boy; overwhelming to say the least. I realized as he started researching colleges, possible career paths and football that there was a big difference in a parents perspective (my perspective) of my son’s abilities and the reality of those abilities. Enter Coach Cohen and Get Recruited!

After your thorough evaluation of Peter’s high school football career, scholastic achievements, course schedules, SAT’s, ACT’s and a host of additional personal information, you very quickly began putting pieces of the college puzzle together. I had questions (and anxiety) about Early Decision, financing a four year degree, where and when do we visit, why are camps so important, can he play, will he play -  the list goes on.  Although our personal conversations were few, my involvement and commitment to the process was equal to that of my son and my husband. You checked in with Pete regularly, answered e-mails, sent texts and spoke with my husband to many times to count. You have been realistic, straight forward, brutally honest and exceedingly fair in your assessments. You are and continue to be encouraging, thoughtful, candid and 100% Team Pete. What more could a mother ask for?

I watched as my son, my first born, my baby boy, soaked up your guidance as a coach, mentor and advocate. As interest in Peter became apparent, you guided us through highlight films, meetings with college potentials and camps; from the side lines I began to witness a shift in Pete’s confidence and a willing participation in choosing his path, his direction, his college. I saw first-hand my boy take command of his college visits, strong, self-assured and well prepared. He utilized every tool you had given him to present to college coaches and admissions counselors a well-rounded student athlete qualified to perform on and off the field. You have been an enormous part of that.

As a coach, your knowledge of football and the recruiting processes is exceptional and your connections amazing and often instantaneous! I am grateful for having had the opportunity to have you in our corner and open doors for Pete that he may have only been able to knock on.

Peter has accepted at Dickinson College Class of 2020 and already begun their pre-season conditioning! He is ready to play confidently for the Red Devils this fall and I will watch my son, my big burly man with a beard play college football. As Pete’s senior year is coming to a close and the anticipation of August football practice comes closer with each day’s passing, I am secure in the knowledge that we chose the right team with Get Recruited and excited to do it all again working on Team Michael, class off 2021!  

From a mother’s heart, I thank you!

Kerry L. Dubravski
Mother of Peter

Without Get Recruited my dream of playing football at the highest collegiate level would not have been possible. Since I didn’t attend a high school football powerhouse, I was off the recruiting radar and had to generate interest and took to a dead-end path of sending film, emailing coaches, attending camps. It quickly became apparent that football recruiting is a strategic game that is about as clear as mud to the uninitiated and I needed someone to demystify the process. Coach Cohen did exactly that! The best decision I made was contacting Get Recruited Consulting.

Leo Koné

Wake Forest

Having direct access to college coaches at all levels is the biggest advantage of Get Recruited Consulting. They can get critical feedback back – often nearly immediately – which is invaluable for pursuing the best, most viable college football options. This process is too important not to have an inside advantage.

Tom Blomberg

Minnesota, “son is a rising JR”

Get Recruited was exactly what we needed to help guide us through the entire recruiting process. Coach Cohen worked very hard and played an intricate role in getting our son Division 1 opportunities. We couldn’t be happier!

Tina Lewis

son Michael is planning to attend Lafayette

Coach Cohen was instrumental in getting our recruiting efforts up and running quickly. He accurately evaluated my son’s play and helped us focus on the colleges best suited for him. Due to his numerous contacts, he was able to get more college coaches to look at my son’s film then we could have ever done on our own.

John Hilay

son Mitch is planning to attent Akron University

Coach Cohen, I just wanted to thank u for everything that you have done for me. I know we have only known each other for a short amount of time, but u provided me with every opportunity I had for success. At the end of the recruiting process, I had 4 real options that all came from u. Without u, I wouldn’t be playing anywhere. Thanx for everything.

Austin Ahrendt

Sioux City East HS in IA, going to Dayton University