Choosing the Right Football Camps to Attend

There is no doubt that attending camps have become a critical element to an effective recruiting game plan.

High School football prospects get a ton of "invitations" to attend football camps every year. Being able to weed through them all and selecting the "right" camps to attend isn't always so easy.

Get Recruited Consulting can help with this critical storyboarding by

Attending camps allow the college coaches to not only properly assess a player's athletic ability, but to also evaluate a prospects character, attitude and work ethic. In fact summer camps have become so important, that many scholarship programs will not offer a prospect they have not seen perform in person.

For the high school prospect, attending a football recruiting camp is an excellent way to network yourself as a player, meet coaches and set up future visits. In general prospects should attend camps to maximize exposure opportunities, but be sure not attend too many!

There are multiple reasons colleges' football programs host summer camps and it important to understand which applies to you!

  • 1. Once a prospect has an initial scholarship offer, the staff invites the prospect to camp so that he can meet the staff, and see both the campus and football facilities.
  • 2. If the staff likes a prospect, but have not made an initial offer, then the football program will invite a prospect so that they can conduct further evaluations.
  • 3. Everyone else is invited so the program can MAKE MONEY.

Guidelines for Rising Seniors (Summer prior to senior year)

Only go to a particular schools football recruiting camp if you are certain they are serious about evaluating you as a recruited football prospect. This means they have made you an initial offer or have told your coach and / or yourself that they have serious interest. General emails or mass mailed letters should not be mistaken for being recruited or viewed as an expression of interest.

If you are not an invite, go to a camp that has multiple schools in attendance. This way you pay for one football recruiting camp and maximize your exposure. You may have to pay to fly there, but in the long run it will be cheaper and more beneficial in the recruiting process.

Once again you limit the number of camps you plan to attend by doing as we suggest. You have to find out in advance by calling and emailing them to see if the school is sincerely interested in you. If they do not respond after sending information you are either not on that programs list or you need to call Get Recruited so we can help you get answers.

Guidelines for Rising Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen

Camp allows you to get your name out there and get you on the college list as a football player to watch. Also, to see what football coaches and schools you like. Once again you want to go to football camps where many college football coaches attend one site; this maximizes exposure and saves cost. Also it's a good chance to start seeing what college campuses you like or don't like.